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Useful LC Subject Headings

accounts payable
asset allocation
banks and banking
capital budget
cash flow
corporate debt
crowd funding
debt to equity ratio
default (finance)
deflation (finance)
financial markets
flow of funds
inflation (financial)
international finance
lease or buy decisions
liquidity (economics)
money market
rate of return
rollovers (finance)
supply and demand

Useful LC Call Numbers

HG1-9999   Finance
HG178   Liquidity
HG179   Personal finance
HG201-1496   Money
HG1501-3550   Banking
HG1621-1638   Interest rates. Interest tables
HG1641-1643   Bank loans. Bank credit. Commercial loans
HG1656   Bank reserves. Bank liquidity. Loan loss reserves
HG1660   Bank accounts. Bank deposits. Deposit banking
HG1706-1708   Accounting. Bookkeeping
HG4001-4285   Finance management. Business finance. Corporation finance
HG4501-6051   Investment, capital formation, speculation
HG4530   Investment companies. Investment trusts. Mutual funds
HG4538   Foreign investments
HG4551-4598   Stock exchanges
HG4621   Stockbrokers. Security dealers. Investment advisers
HG4701-4751   Government securities. Industrial securities. Venture capital
HG8011-9999   Insurance
HG8053.5-8054.45   Insurance for professions. Malpractice insurance
HG8059   Business insurance
HG8075-8107   Insurance business. Insurance management
HG8111-8123   Government policy. State supervision
HG8751-9295   Life insurance
HG8779-8793   Actuarial science. Statistical theory and methodology applied to insurance
HG9301-9343   Accident insurance
HG9371-9399   Health insurance
HG9651-9899   Fire insurance
HG9956-9969   Casualty insurance
HJ9-9940   Public finance
HJ2005-2216   Income and expenditure. Budget
HJ2240-5908   Revenue. Taxation. Internal revenue
HJ2321-2323   Tax incidence. Tax shifting. Tax equity
HJ2326-2327   Progressive taxation
HJ2336-2337   Tax exemption
HJ2351   Inflation and taxation
HJ2351.4   Tax revenue estimating
HJ3801-3844   Revenue from sources other than taxation
HJ3863-3925   Direct taxation
HJ4113-4601   Property tax
HJ4629-4830   Income tax
HJ5309-5510   Administrative fees. User charges. License fees
HJ6603-7390   Customs administration
HJ7461-7980   Expenditures. Government spending
HJ8001-8899   Public debts
HJ8052   Sinking funds. Amortization
HJ9103-9695   Local finance. Municipal finance
HJ9701-9940   Public accounting. Auditing

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