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Western Civilization

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Useful LC Subject Headings

Civilization, history
Egypt, antiquities
Greece antiquities
Alexander the Great
Greece history
Rome history
Julius Caesar
Church history
Catholic church
Civilization, Medieval
Middle Ages
Hundred Years War
Henry VIII King of England 1491-1547
Elizabeth I Queen of England 1533 1603
Luther Martin
Joan of Arc
Erasmus Desiderius D
Middle class
Napoleonic Wars
Industrial Revolution
Marx Karl
National socialism
Hitler Adolf
Mussolini Benito
Stalin Joseph
Churchill, Winston
De Gaulle, Charles
Civilization, Modern
Europe history
France history
Germany history
Great Britain history
Italy history
World War 1914-1918
World War 1939-1945
Russia history
Soviet Union history

Useful LC Call Numbers

BL300-325   Myth, Comparative mythology
BR 140-1510   History of Christianity
BR 160-275   Early and Medieval History of Christianity
BR 280   Christianity during the Renaissance and Reformation
D51-90   Ancient history (general)
D111-203   Medieval history
D204-475   Modern history, 1453-
D501-680   World War I
D731-883   World War II
DA1-995   History of Great Britain
DC1-947   History of France
DD1-905   History of Germany
DE1-100   History of the Greco-Roman World
DS41-66   History of the Middle East
DS69-70.5   Iraq (Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia), Antiquities
DS260.7-262   Iran (Persia), Antiquities
DT56.8-69.5   Egypt, Antiquitites

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