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United States History

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Useful LC Subject Headings

United States--discovery and exploration
Indians of North America
Pilgrims--New Plymouth Colony
United States--history
United States--history--Colonial Period 1600-1775
United States--Declaration of Independence
United States--history--Confederation 1783-1789
United States--history--Revolution 1775-1783
Constitutional history--United States
Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804-1806
United States--history--War of 1812
Slavery--United States
United States--history--Mexican War 1846-1848
United States--history--Civil War 1861-1865
Confederate States of America
Spanish American War 1898
World War 1914-1918
Women's suffrage
Prohibition--United States
Social Reformers--United States
Depression 1929
New Deal 1933-1939
World War 1939-1945
Korean War 1950-1953
Cold War
Civil Rights Movement
Vietnamese Conflict 1961-1975
Persian Gulf War
Washington George 1732-1799
Jefferson, Thomas 1743-1826
Franklin, Benjamin 1706-1790
Jackson, Andrew 1767-1845
Lincoln, Abraham 1809-1865
Grant Ulysses S Ulysses Simpson 1822-1825
Lee Robert E Robert Edward 1807-1870
Davis Jefferson 1808-1889
Roosevelt Theodore 1858-1919
Wilson Woodrow 1856-1924
Roosevelt Franklin D Franklin Delano 1882-1945
Truman Harry S 1884-1972
Eisenhower Dwight D dwight David 1890-1969
Kennedy John F John Fitzgerald 1917-1963
Nixon Richard M Richard Milhous 1913

Useful LC Call Numbers

D501-680   World War I
D731-838   World War II
E75-99   Indians of North America
E101-135   Discovery and Exploration of America
E186-199   Colonial History (1600-1775)
E201-298   The Revolution (1775-1783)
E303-309   1775-1789; The Confederation
E311-320   Washington's Administration
E331-337   Jefferson's Administration
E381-385   Jackson's Administration
E441-453   Slavery in the United States
E456-459   Lincoln's Administration
E461-655   The Civil War
E668   The Reconstruction
E714-735   War of 1898 (Spanish American War)
E756-760   Theodore Roosevelt's Administration
E766-783   Wilson's Administration
E806-812   FDR's Administration
E839.8   Un-American Activities
E841-843   Kennedy's Administration
E855-861   Nixon's Administration

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