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Useful LC Subject Headings

Art and society 
Clinical sociology 
Crime, Sociological aspects 
Economics, Sociological aspects 
Educational sociology 
Emotions, Sociological aspects
Ethnic Relations
Family social aspects
Exchange theory
Forensic sociology
Historical sociology 
Human settlements 
Industrial sociology 
Information society 
Interpersonal communication
Intercultural communication
Knowledge, sociology of
Marriage social aspects
Mass society
Political sociology 
Power (Social Sciences)
Race relations 
Religion and social problems
Religion and sociology 
Social action
Social change
Social conflict 
Social classes
Social evolution
Social ethics 
Social problems
Social systems
Sociology, Field work 
Sociology, History 
Sociology, Methodology 
Sociology, Military 
Sociology, Philosophy 
Sociology, Research 
Sociology, Rural
Sociology, Study and teaching 
Sociology, Urban 
Sociology of disability
Technology, Sociological aspects
War and society

Useful LC Call Numbers

HM435-477   History of sociology. History of sociological theory
HM481-554   Theory. Method. Relations to other subjects
HM621-656   Culture
HM661-696   Social control
HM701   Social systems
HM706   Social structure
HM711-806   Groups and organizations
HM756-781   Community
HM786-806   Organizational sociology. Organization theory
HM811-821   Deviant behavior. Social deviance
HM826   Social institutions
HM831-901   Social change
HM1001-1281   Social psychology
HM1041-1101   Social perception. Social cognition
HM1106-1171   Interpersonal relations. Social behavior
HM1176-1281   Social influence. Social pressure
HN 1-995   Social History and Conditions
HQ 12-449   Sexual Life
HQ 503-1064   Family, Marriage, Home
HQ 1088-1090.7   Men
HQ 1101-2030.7   Women
HS 1-3371   Societies: secret, benevolent, etc.
HT 51-1595   Communities. Classes. Races
HV 1-9960   Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology

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