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History and Philosophy of Science

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Useful LC Subject Headings

Bacon Francis 1561 1626
Bacon Roger 1214 1294
Constructive realism
Copernicus Nicolaus 1473 1543
Descartes Rene 1596 1650
Galilei Galileo 1564 1642
Logical positivism
Mechansim (philosophy)
Newton Isaac 1642 1727
Philosophy and science
Science indicators
System theory

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Useful LC Call Numbers

B1-5802   Philosophy (general)
BD10-701   Speculative Philosophy
Q 125   Science--history (general)
Q130   Women scientists
Q141- 143.8   Biographies of scientists (general)
QA7-10.4   Philosophy of Mathematics (general)
QA21-27   History of Mathematics (general)
QA28-29   Biographies of Mathematicians (general)
QB14.5   Astronomy-philosophy (general)
QB15-33   Astronomy--history(general)
QB35-36   Astronomy--biographies(general)
QC5.6-6.8   Physics--philosophy (general)
QC6.9-9   Physics--history (general)
QC15-16   Physics--biographies (general)
QD6   Chemistry--philosophy(general)
QD11-18   Chemistry--history (general)
QD21-22   Chemistry--biographies (general)
QE6   Geology--philosophy
QE11-13   Geology--history (general)
QE21-22   Geology--biographies(general)
QH14.3   Natural History--philosophy (general)
QH15-21   Natural History--history (general)
QH26-31   Natural History--biographies (general)
QH305-305.2   Biology--history (general)
QH331   Philosophy of Biology
QH428-428.2   Genetics--history
QH429-429.2   Genetics--biographies
QK 15-21   Botany--history(general)
QK 26-31   Botany--biographies (general)
QL15-21   Zoology--history (general)
QL26-31   Zoology--biographies (general)
QM11   Human Anatomy--history(general)
QM16   Human Anatomy--biographies(general)
QP21   Physiology--history(general)
QP25-26   Physiology--biographies(general)
QR21-22   Microbiology--history (general
QR30-31   Microbiology--biographies(general)

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