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Useful LC Subject Headings

Many of the subject headings below may be further narrowed by adding the subheading: moral and ethical aspects.

          Example: Abortion moral and ethical aspects

Assisted suicide
Biomedical engineering
Clinical Medicine
Clinical trials
Drugs research
Drugs testing
Embryonic stem cells research
Environmental ethics
Fetus research
Genetic engineering
Gene therapy
Genetic engineering
Genetic screening
Human cloning
Human embryo research
Human embryo therapeutic use
Human experimentation in medicine
Human genetics research
Human reproductive technology
Informed consent (medical law)
Life support systems
Medical economics
Medical ethics
Medical genetics
Medical screening
Medical technology
Medical decision making
Medicine research
Medicine research
Older people long term care
Palliative treatment
Reproductive technology
Right to die
Stem cells
Stem cells research
Terminal care
Transplantation of organs, tissues, etc.
Transplantation, heterologous


Useful LC Call Numbers

BJ 1188-1295   Religious Ethics
HQ 767.15   Abortion, Moral and ethical aspects
QH 442.2   Cloning Moral and ethical aspects

Useful MeSH Subject Headings

Many of the subject headings below can be further narrowed by selecting the subheading ethics.

            Example:  abortion induced ethics

Abortion, induced
Biomedical engineering
Biomedical technology
Clinical trials
Cloning, organism
Economics, medical
Embryo research
Ethics, clinical
Ethics, medical
Euthanasia, passive
Fetal research
Genetic engineering
Genetic testing
Genetic therapy
Human experimentation
Human Genome project
Informed consent
Life support systems
Long-term care
Palliative care
Reproductive Techniques, Assisted
Right to die
Stem cell research
Suicide, assisted
Terminal care
Therapeutic human experimentation
Transplantation, heterologous

Useful NLM Call Numbers

QU 325-328   Stem cell research
W 50   Medical Ethics
W 85.5   Right to die. Advance directives. Living wills
WA 115   Vaccination, public health aspects
WA 150   Reproductive rights
WB 60   Bioethics. Clinical ethics
WB 65   Euthanasia; Right to die
WO 660-690   Organ transplantation

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